August 9, 2019

A How-To Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

Cannabis science by jennifer

BY JENNY CORSO, CHIEF SCIENTIST, DARWIN BRANDS It is a common misunderstanding that one must feel “high” or inebriated in order to reap the therapeutic benefits associated with cannabis consumption. But … drumroll … this is not necessarily the case! More and more individuals are becoming familiar with the concept of microdosing, which is the …

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2020 Legalization Initiative – Link Below

BY MIKEL WEISSER The months of anticipation are over! The Smart and Safe Arizona Campaign has released its language for its 2020 cannabis legalization citizens’ ballot measure. Strategies 360, the company drafting the initiative has given Arizona Cannabis Monthly this exclusive first look. 2020 Initiative Smart & Safe Arizona Arizona ACLU board member, Roopali Desai …

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