July 8, 2019

Corporate Booze Bosses Force Out Canopy Founder Linton

BY DR. LLOYD COVENS “Entrepreneurs are not super-employable,” claimed Bruce Linton, just a few hours after getting fired at the company he founded.  “This is a big boys’ game,” noted Linton in his post-firing phone interview with CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, July 2nd, telling the network he still planned to hold on to his …

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Cannabis and Custody

Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients Guide to Family and Dependency Courts & Law BY ALLISON STEIN Custodial and parental rights fundamentally impact every household. The Arizona Department of Child Safety’s (DCS) Facebook page it states that 600 children are in need of foster care in any given month. Those are children DCS has chosen to remove from parents …

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