Why an internship in Arizona cannabis is better than a college degree!

Internships are an underutilized tool in the cannabis industry and could immensely benefit the growth of your business. As someone looking to get involved in the legal cannabis industry, have you ever contemplated getting your foot in the door by interning with a company? Internships are a great way to build experience and gain exposure in any particular field of work. Arizona companies are always looking for motivated go-getters.

MITA-AZ, Arizona’s marijuana industry trade association, has been offering internships for more than two years. MITA interns make industry connections who make decisions at companies and are regularly hired across the industry. A few months volunteering, without exception, has led to unique opportunities as companies are always looking for well-informed and well-networked employees.

What do businesses gain by offering internships? From a solution-based perspective, internships help you accomplish your primary goals of managing workflow efficiently to prioritize tasks based on their level of importance and finding quality employees that are invested in the future of your company to help you accomplish your larger, more lucrative goals.

Often, college graduates are hired upon graduation by the company they interned with. Internships have become a critical step in today’s economy. Where full-time positions have been cut, employers are relying on internships to help them cover some of that ground. Graduates with a paid or unpaid internship on their resume, increase their chances of securing a full-time position. It allows the employer to get a taste of an individual’s work ethic, and how they fit within their organization and department.

Companies that invest time and resources to develop their internship programs are looking for a return on their investment. Whether that return on investment is immediate via utilizing the skills of individuals, without making a long-term hiring commitment, or selecting particular interns, in the retention process that would be a beneficial addition to your existing team.

Internship programs are mutually beneficial to both employers and interns. As a cannabis company, your internship program shows your commitment to developing your local community and tomorrow’s professional workforce.

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