Welcome to Alice and Bill’s

A show about how medical marijuana changes lives… and dabs!

PHOENIX— In anticipation of releasing their sixth episode with Rachel Reyher of High Grade AZ, Welcome to Alice and Bill’s (and their royal entourage of friends) invite you to check out their YouTube channel where they showcase the latest products in the Medical Marijuana field. Previous guests of the show have ranged from industry leaders in product and wholesale to new Cannabis providers – among other friends in their royal kingdom. In each show, hosts “Alice” (Yazy, the dab princess), and “Bill” (John, owner of DIZPOT), share their knowledge of the Cannabis industry while enjoying conversations about the latest topics and products. 

Yazy was born blind and has cerebral palsy. She has been an MMJ patient since age 14 after prescription opioids caused her gastroparesis – a tiring disease that forces her to eat from a tube. Despite her very little strength, Yazy makes it to the monthly taping to show she is a handicapable woman that is able to socialize and have a career. 

Welcome to Alice and Bill’s was created in early 2020 once the pair hit it off during an impromptu meeting. Yazy’s inspirational story, and John’s eagerness to work with her because of the duo’s chemistry, prompted the two to begin taping the show with the help of family and friends. Subscribe to the show on YouTube, and follow their journey on Instagram (@alice_and_bills). Look for the new episode to drop on October 1st!

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