Product Review: Insangu Blue Dream Cartridge and Kief covered half gram preroll

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Authors: Destinee Blanco, Larissa Ybarra, Scott Novy, Tamiko Yoshimura

Lake Havasu’s Farm Fresh dispensary continues to innovate with their Insangu brand product line. This week we got to try out a couple of their more fun products: a yummy kief covered preroll and one of their custom-blended vape cartridges, Blue Dream. This time we brought in cardholders MITA-AZ’s Scott Novy and our intern Tamiko Yoshimura to join in the product review.

The Insangu cartridge is packed in a notably attractive box, with leak-proof stoppers and 500 ml of reasonably thick cannabis oil. It comes with a black Ccell battery has logo on side and the base of the battery glows yellow, highlighting a nine-pointed cannabis leaf. The half gram preroll joint comes in a clear plastic tube w a small piece of hemp twine that not only helps open the test tube, but can also be used as a wick. The upper half of the joint in coated in a rich brown kief powder that smells natural, unlike some kief coatings that reek of chemicals.

Despite being a bit harsher than most vapes and barely reminiscent of Blue Dream, the team approved of the flavor in general and liked the way the wide necked cartridge delivers a full-throated hit. The design reminded some of the reviewers of the old Timeless cartridge style, though the flavor has a much milder terpene profile than any of the Timeless products. The Insangu indica (no strain specified) preroll, however, was an indisputable hit. The team raved about the smooth flavor, great smell and heady aroma of kief.

Destinee Blanco: Keef preroll- smelled just a good as it tasted. No ashy taste. High was super there. Energetic and body high I felt great 🙂 the joint had a real class look to it. Pen- felt the pen for 20 mins and then the high went away. Really took away my anxiety in my chest and my toothache that I currently was having was no longer one of my concerns. I love the neon color of the logos it really catches my attentions. everything package felt very comfy and I felt exclusive with the way the package was.

Scott Novy: I didn’t like the harshness of the product but the taste seemed to come out more as we frequented the cartridge. Didn’t seem to taste like blue dream. Still appreciated the quality of the high. Only smelled and observed the pre-roll. Nice non-chemical smell and quality presentation.

Larissa Ybarra: I wasn’t too much a fan of the vape cartridge, mostly because it didn’t taste like blue moon , had a very harsh taste made me cough , nice battery though! For the preroll with kief? I loved it!! It scores 10/10, highly recommended! Nothing bad to say. It tasted great and it didn’t “canoe” at all.

Tamiko Yoshimura: I liked the packaging of the Insangu distillate vape cartridge Blue Dream a lot. Nice bright designs, easy opening with the Blue Dream strain clearly labeled. It has a terpene-rich flavor, but not exactly a Blue Dream flavor. It provided a very nice head change, though there was a slight after-burn in the back of my throat. I loved the Insangu preroll indica half covered in wax and kief. The packaging was easy to open with hemp wick a bonus for opening and lighting the joint. The flavor smelled very organic and natural/earthy. It felt like a real bonus, especially since it had kief and wax. Wax was the perfect amount, with the perfect layer of wax coating on only half of the preroll. It didn’t run or drip. The kief burned nice and even. No canoe with that one. Lol! They did a good packing job in a cone filter paper. AND, it was very effective at making head change. Created munchies. I actually ate pork rinds! My mind feels calm and mellow with my body feeling relaxed.

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