New Cannabis Discovery “The Gas” Compound “Decaf Cannabis”

ABSTRAX Makes Official Discovery of “The Gas” Compound — a Huge Breakthrough in the World of Cannabis Flavors & Aromas

Extensive Research Makes Leading Cannabis Strains’ ‘Flavors’ Available in Botanically-Derived Terpene Blends

IRVINE – ABSTRAX, a leader in the study and production of botanically-derived and cannabis-inspired terpenes, has uncovered the secret to the cannabis “Gas” after two years of extensive research efforts into further understanding the cannabis aroma and how it can be replicated for use as a functional flavor – for beer, food, and beverage, vape and tincture blends – that is affordable, authentic, and available to ship internationally.

“Through our extensive research efforts, we’ve been able to identify compounds native to cannabis that impart the gassy, dank, skunky aroma thought unachievable by botanical terpene blends,” says Max Koby, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of ABSTRAX.

ABSTRAX partnered with Josh Del Rosso from Josh D Farms, the iconic cultivator responsible for popularizing OG strains and developing some of the best original genetics in the industry, to seek out this elusive aroma that is the quintessential smell associated with cannabis. The research was executed at ABSTRAX’s Type 7 licensed research and manufacturing lab where its award-winning product developers and PhD chemists leverage state-of-the-art extraction and the most advanced strain analysis technology to study over 400 botanical aroma compounds via three-dimensional analysis, allowing for each and every compound within a plant to be named and studied.

“This discovery and research will have long-lasting positive effects on the cannabis industry as a whole and provide extremely valuable insights,” comments Josh Del Rosso, Founder and Managing Director of Josh D Farms. “It will also help us to further enhance our OG genetics to create the ultimate consistency and product experiences.”

ABSTRAX’s one-of-a-kind process and technology ensures that every compound within both cannabis and noncannabis plants is isolated, studied, and used to create functional flavors and aromas that can be utilized by brands across several industries – including vape, cosmetics, personal care, health and wellness, and food and beverage – to enhance their products. 

“After confirming the chemical composition of the gassy aroma, we developed a metric we call the ‘Gas Factor’ to easily quantify how gassy a strain is. We did this by having cannabis experts rate strains based on gassiness, look for trends in the data, and develop a mathematical model to relate these results back to consumers in an easy-to-understand numerical metric.  This allows us to quantify this desired aroma attribute and others to better educate consumers on the quality of each strain’s aroma profile as it relates to these important cannabis metrics.  This may have profound implications not only for educating consumers, but also for cultivators, as this technology can guide them when attempting to breed specific aromas.  An introduction and explanation on how we made these discoveries can be found in the recently published blog post An Introduction to Abstrax Tech Cannabis Metrics,” says Dr. Iain Oswald, Lead Research Scientist of ABSTRAX.

ABSTRAX’s Discovery of “The Gas” Is Monumental for the Following Reasons:

  • Its new strain specific terpene profiles have captured the essence of popular cannabis.
  • It gives the ability to compare the “Gas Factor” of different strains to increase desirable traits, which makes it easier for cultivators to create higher quality cannabis.
  • Consumers and manufacturers now have the ability to enjoy a noncannabis derived botanical terpene blend that tastes, smells, and feels very similar to cannabis terpenes, without the THC.
  • It offers the most advanced strain-specific formulations available, with natural ingredients natively found in cannabis.
  • The price per unit is a fraction of what a cannabis-derived product costs, but can give you a much more realistic (gassy) aroma that may not be prevalent in the ‘better’ cannabis-derived terpenes due to extraction capabilities and input quality.
  • The botanically-derived terpene formulations can be reproduced with unwavering consistency and purity.
  • These terpenes are legal in every state and country throughout the world.

“We have also identified what makes exotic strains have that obscure fruity aroma,” says Max Koby. “Such as why Acai Berry Gelato from Sherbinskis has such a unique berry aroma with a sweet earthy back note. We now understand why that is and are able to measure and replicate it in a botanical terpene blend with zero THC or cannabis.”

This discovery comes at a time when the cannabis industry and lawmakers around the world are at odds with how the industry should be regulated. “Prior to our discoveries, most attempts to accurately recreate a cannabis strain profile using botanical terpene blends have fallen short because there were always elements missing,” says Koby. “Until recently we have been merely scratching the surface and we can finally say that we’ve nailed it and created some truly unique OG profiles that taste and smell as close to cannabis as possible and will only continue to improve.”

As of 2018, the sales of legal cannabis vape products in the United States were nearly $1.6 billion and, before the latest EVALI health concerns, companies forecasted the market growing to $10.6 billion by 2024. Terpenes are a key ingredient in this market and also account for the largest market share of global aroma compounds, with cannabis being the most abundant source of terpenes in the plant kingdom. ABSTRAX is committed to offering safe, effective, and strain-specific terpene formulations that can bridge the cannabis and botanically-derived world.

The company has also announced they will be releasing the “Native Series” and “The Growers Collection” terpene blends – which came from researching some of the most well-loved cannabis strains in partnership with leading cannabis cultivators such as Sherbinskis, JoshD, and Jack Herer – to make them more widely available to manufacturers seeking authentic strain profiles and providing licensing opportunities to brands seeking to grow their product lines outside the restrictions of state boundaries.

“We are thrilled to share our discovery with the world, as the ability to measure and recreate “The Gas” is going to forever change the way those who love cannabis aromas and flavors appreciate terpene profiles. This find is as monumental as the very first release of a non-alcoholic beer or a zero THC cannabis inspired alcoholic beverage…life is about to get a lot more exciting for millions of people around the world,” says Koby.


Leveraging its proven background in cannabis research, ABSTRAX is the leader in the research, development, and production of botanically-derived and cannabis-inspired terpenes that create unforgettable sensorial experiences. Headquartered in California, the company owns and operates a state-of-the-art type 7 licensed research and manufacturing lab where it’s award-winning product developers and scientists leverage the most advanced strain analysis technology to extract and study aroma compounds via three-dimensional analysis, allowing for each and every compound within a plant to be named and studied. The company has partnered with many of the best cultivators in the industry to study their cannabis profiles and create the world’s most advanced terpene formulations. As a result of its efforts, ABSTRAX offers the largest terpene catalog of the most popular strains – botanically-derived terpene blends and isolates native to cannabis. These ingredients, also known as functional flavors and aromas, are used in vapes, concentrates, edibles, beer, essential oils, fragrances, cosmetics, topicals, tinctures, alcohol, food and beverage, personal care, and more. The company works with internationally recognized brands and provides unparalleled cannabis research, innovation, and custom formulations to create products that engage and thrill consumers. ABSTRAX also devotes significant resources to developing the highest terpene standards and best practices in the industry. The company has developed a robust quality management system including Gas Chromatography analysis and molecular distillation of natural ingredients to achieve the highest purity standards. Investigating and ensuring that ingredients used in its own products, and products within its industry, are safe for consumption. The terpene industry is a rapidly growing segment of the global flavor and fragrance market, which is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2024. This market segment includes cannabis, CBD, skincare, cosmetics, health and wellness, food and beverage industries. For more information, visit

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