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Some Arizona marijuana businesses are pulling certain products because of fears over salmonella or aspergillus, a common mold. Eight products are being voluntarily recalled. They are plants that are either trimmed, flower-cured or prerolled. A full list is below.

 Brand Name Product NameBatch Number  Product TypeImplicated Contaminant 
 Harvest Platinum 14g Pre Pack Indica Flower (Glazed Apricot Gelato) CVGH210406HB Plant, Trim Salmonella
 Harvest Platinum 14g Pre Pack Sativa Flower (Tiger Haze)CVGH210406HM (L) Plant, Trim Aspergillus
 Modern Flower 3.5g Pre Pack Indica Flower (Orange Acai) CVGH2104210HI Plant, Flower – Cured, Greenhouse Aspergillus sp.
 Sol Flower Dispensaries and Establishments Tahiti Lime 0121TILM.33.WT Plant, Flower – Cured Aspergillus sp.
 EHF (Elephant Head Farms) HAT Trick #17 Flower 030821F1H12 Plant, Flower – Cured Salmonella
 Mohave Cannabis Preroll LAB #454 PR Plant, Preroll, Indoor Salmonella
 Tru Infusion Flower Caked Up Cherries 0326R12CUC Plant, Flower – Cured indoor Aspergillus sp.
 The Pharm Chemistry #1 (HD 3/24/21) Chemistry #1  1 B15B.R1-10 Plant, Flower – Cured, Greenhouse Aspergillus sp.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, no one has gotten sick because of the contamination. But health officials urge people who bought the products to not eat or smoke them, and throw them away. During a routine inspection, state lab auditors found that the marijuana samples from the eight products tested positive for salmonella or aspergillus. Once health officials found out, they worked with retailers to remove the products.

ADHS confirmed the lab was OnPoint Laboratories LLC of Snowflake. Demetri Downing, the founder of the Marijuana Industry Trade Association of Arizona, said the voluntary recall is creating a more accountable industry. “This is a small instance in a massive industry. The end result, in the end of the story, is everything is moving toward transparency, accountability, openness, testing, which is a good result,” said Downing.

A spokesperson for OnPoint responded to questions from Arizona’s Family Thursday morning. “OnPoint Laboratories takes full responsibility, and reiterated today that all of the products, dispensary companies and brands associated with this recall have always followed rigorous state testing requirements and continuously provide clean products for consumers,” they said in an email.

Mentioning the clean certificate of analysis it received earlier this year, the company also said it supports what ADHS is doing to protect consumers.

“Their bi-annual audits and reports are essential and the AZDHS system is working. While this recall was issued out of an abundance of caution, it exemplifies the excellent teamwork of the agency, the labs and the cannabis companies that serve Arizona consumers,” said an OnPoint Laboratories spokesperson.

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