Watch: Man lights joint in court while facing marijuana charge

Tennessee storySpencer Boston is now serving 10 days for contempt of court. He made national headlines this week when he lit a marijuana joint while in court.

Boston went before the judge on a marijuana charge of simple possession – that’s when he started talking from the podium to the judge about how marijuana should be legalized and then sparked up a joint.

“I knew for a fact I was going to be sitting in a jail cell,” Boston said.

“He didn’t want to hear nothing about it so I did what I planned on doing anyway and pulled it out and lit it up and addressed the people,” said Boston via phone.

When asked what his message was, Boston responded “I said, ‘we the people deserve better.’”

“I can easily go out here and protest to legalize weed,” Boston said, “but no one really cares because I’m just another person protesting,”

And if you’re wondering if it was really marijuana in that joint, Boston said it was and that “it was very good stuff.”

“What happened in the courtroom the other day…disrespect is disrespect,” Lt. Scott Moore with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department said.

Others are calling him a hero for the cause and have started raising money to cover his bond. 

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