AZ spent half a billion dollars on medical marijuana in 2019!


AZ Central reports, AZ medical marijuana patients spent more than $500M+ on medical marijuana in 2019

According to a year-end report from the Arizona Department of Health Services… as of December, 220,000 medical marijuana patients were in the state’s MMJ program , and they purchased almost 83 tons of cannabis in the last year. 2018’s year’s report showed MMJ sold 61 tons of cannabis to patients. The number of the weight sold increased by 36% and MMJ patients increased 18% over the year.

75 tons of that was dry flower and the rest was 6,000 pounds of marijuana edibles and 9,226 pounds of other forms of concentrated marijuana were sold to MMJ patients.

The statewide sales volume figure is worth about $580 million, using a conservative estimate of the marijuana selling for an average of $3,500 a pound. The actual figure could be much greater. Some dispensaries sell high-end marijuana for more than $300 per ounce or about $5,000 per pound.

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