Hypur Promotes Tyler Beuerlein to C-Suite

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Hypur Inc. (Hypur) announced today the newest addition to its C-Suite. Tyler Beuerlein now serves as Chief Revenue Officer for the Scottsdale-based FinTech company that provides banking and payments solutions for cash-intensive industries such as cannabis, CBD, and money services businesses. 

“We appreciate the hard work and professionalism that Tyler has brought to the company over the past five years,” said Christopher E. Galvin, founder and CEO of Hypur. “His commitment to forging strategic partnerships and advancing Hypur’s goals makes Tyler an ideal addition to the C-Suite.”

Beuerlein was promoted from his role as Executive Vice President of Business Development. In that capacity, he was tasked with building relationships with financial institutions, national and state-level associations and integrated software vendors, as well as multi-state operators in the cannabis industry. Since Beuerlein joined the company in 2015, Hypur has become the leader in cannabis compliance for the banking industry. With 99.9% uptime, Hypur is also the most reliable solution for retail, delivery, and B2B cannabis payments.

“I feel blessed to have been a part of such an amazing organization since the beginning,” said Beuerlein. “I’m passionate about Hypur’s future endeavors and honored to join the C-Suite.”

In his new role as Chief Revenue Officer, Beuerlein will continue to build relationships and expand Hypur’s footprint. More specifically, he will focus on Hypur’s nationwide growth through retail integrations and strategic alliances.

“As Hypur continues to grow and proliferate, we need to expand our leadership team,” said Christopher E. Galvin, founder and CEO of Hypur. “I am confident that Tyler will contribute to our strategic vision and enduring success.”

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