How do I join the cannabis industry in Arizona?

If you are in the cannabis industry, you continually hear it, and if you aren’t in the industry, you often ask it. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, “How do I get into the cannabis industry?” Continued on with, “It’s my life’s passion!”

Maybe it’s the plant that evokes so many, maybe it’s the new-found novelty in it, or perhaps it’s just the astonishing cannabis community itself, which draws people to yearn to be a part of this industry.

Some of the best guidance imaginable is network, network, and network! Attend as many cannabis affairs as feasible. However, it doesn’t just have to be networking in person; there is a substantial cannabis community presence on social media as well. Facebook includes many cannabis groups based in Arizona. Among the many are Cannafriends with its corresponding events based in Tucson and in Phoenix are constructed for newcomers to the cannabis scene.

Cannafriends have a long-standing history in the community. This incarnation’s owner Amethyst says, “Arizona Cannafriends, both the online group and the event, are a wonderful opportunity for you to get your feet wet and make friends in the industry.”

Cannafriends aren’t the only incredible way to make friends, volunteering for events is an excellent way to get involved too. One of the biggest and longest-staying festivals that runs essentially on volunteers is The Errl Cup Festival and Awards. Three times a year, Errl Cup Focuses its events on customer appreciation and dispensary accountability. Calls for volunteers normally go out on their Instagram accounts 2 to 3 weeks before their events.

However, if you prefer to get political, Arizona NORML might be more your pace. NORML/ National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws has been around since the 1970s and the Arizona chapter since the 1990s. If you enjoy calling politicians, helping expunge criminal records, or a list of many other things, maybe volunteering for Arizona NORML is an option for you.

Jon Udell, the Executive Director of Arizona NORML thinks that
“Volunteering with Arizona NORML provides endless opportunities for personal development. Whether you like meeting new people, engaging with complex political and legal issues, building camaraderie with like-minded people, or simply making our world a kinder and more accepting place, Arizona NORML has volunteering opportunities to fit your skills and goals.”

Or are you more of a writer? Arizona Cannabis News is always looking for interns. Write product and event reviews for one of the largest cannabis news sources in Arizona. After all, this is how Allison Stein got her break in the cannabis industry. Since starting with Arizona Cannabis News and volunteering for Arizona NORML she is now the Vice President of Arizona NORML, Editor of Arizona Cannabis News, and the founder of The Kush Kronicles

As amazing as the cannabis industry appears on the outside it’s not all fun and games inside. It takes dedication, hard work and showing up. However, the friends and the connections you make will last a lifetime.

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