HempStaff Passes 10,000 Certified Students for the Cannabis Industry

MIAMI, Dec. 1, 2020 /Press release/ — For those looking for cannabis dispensary jobsHempStaff has proven to be a viable first step in entering the industry. Since the company’s inception in 2014, HempStaff has trained and certified more than 10,000 students in 44 states seeking job positions in a marijuana dispensary.

Those looking for cannabis jobs face heavy competition; the company has seen anywhere from 100 to 300 resumes for each opening with the number ranging on the high end for entry-level budtender positions. Without cannabis experience or training, it can be difficult to receive a call back for an entry-level cannabis job, but third-party dispensary training has proven to set an individual apart from the influx of applicants.

“When we started cannabis industry recruiting in 2014, we found a big deficit in those hired for budtender jobs who knew enough about medical cannabis to be a successful employee on day one but did not have the dispensary knowledge,” says Rosie Yagielo, COO and co-founder of HempStaff. “With this four-hour training, our goal is to provide a broad picture of the knowledge needed to work in a dispensary. Individual dispensaries have their own unique training programs to teach the specifics of their operations and software like inventory and point-of-sale but these are generally done after you are hired. For pre-employment training, many owners and managers have told us they specifically look to hire HempStaff Certified students as it makes the learning curve a lot quicker when they already have the knowledge from our course. That’s a great compliment to us AND our students.”

Rosie Yagielo

Other course benefits include a resume review by a HempStaff Recruiter, job search/interview hints and tips, discounts off other training classes and free attendance to future courses of the same type for the latest updates.

“This is an ever-changing industry, which is why we allow our students to return to future classes at no charge. We used to go around the country and offer our courses in person prior to COVID. Currently, our classes are done in a live webinar setting, giving our students as much interaction as possible with our instructors throughout the course. In addition, our class curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with the ever-changing cannabis industry,” said Yagielo.

Rosie Yagielo

HempStaff now offers several types of courses besides its original Dispensary Agent Training Course. HempStaff now offers a stripped-down non-state specific Basic Dispensary Training for only $99 for those states that it does not offer the state-specific course for. HempStaff has also created advanced courses. The three-hour Advanced Cannabis Science Course goes into more detail about cannabinoids and terpenes and introduces flavonoids. Last, HempStaff’s newest course is its three-hour Dispensary Manager Training Course, a course for those looking to rise up the ladder of a cannabis dispensary. Lastly, HempStaff offers state-required Responsible Vendor Courses as well.

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