Hello Live Resin Monday Night Football Extravaganza at The HIGH Lounge

Join us at The HIGH Lounge for an unforgettable Monday Night Football experience on November 20th, featuring the matchup between the Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Hosted by Hello Live Resin, this exclusive event promises an evening of luxury, camaraderie, and the finest live resin blends.

Date & Time: November 20th, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Venue: The HIGH Lounge, 411 s Mill Ave #103, Tempe, AZ 85281, Tempe, Arizona

Event Highlights:

  • Live Resin Sampling: Indulge in the latest live resin blends curated by Hello Live Resin from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Elevate your smoking experience with our premium blends that redefine the art of live resin.
    Luxurious Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the opulence of The HIGH Lounge, an exclusive Members Only establishment in the heart of Tempe. Our sophisticated smoke lounge showcases premium brands such as Sovereignty, Kevin Murray, and Mothership, ensuring a bespoke smoking experience.

    Exotic Snacks: As a member, savor a unique selection of globally sourced exotic snacks that complement the richness of our premium smoking brands, adding a touch of culinary delight to your evening.

    Immersive Sports Viewing: Watch the Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs showdown on our 17 high-definition TVs, creating an immersive sports viewing experience. Enjoy the game with fellow enthusiasts in a refined and social setting.

    Membership Opportunities: Explore the allure of exclusivity and consider becoming a member of The HIGH Lounge. Uncover the extraordinary as we redefine sophistication, offering unparalleled service, premium smoking brands, and a captivating atmosphere.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a refined football viewing experience at The HIGH Lounge, where Hello Live Resin introduces you to the pinnacle of luxury and live resin enjoyment. Elevate your Monday Night Football tradition – RSVP now to secure your place at this exclusive event.

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