Arizona Legislators Hear Arguments About Who Should Sell Hemp Products

Senate Natural Resources, Energy and Water-02-01-2024 9:00am
SB1186- Regulation; Hemp-Derived Products
Sponsor Sonny Borrelli -R- LD30- Majority Leader

In a display of bipartisanship, Republican Senator David Gowan and Democratic Senator Juan Mendez joined forces in a compelling committee discussion at the Arizona State Capitol. Their collaboration brought a unique dynamic to the debate surrounding Senate Bill 1186 (SB1186), which focuses on the regulation of hemp-derived products in the state. The committee discussion, which stretched over an hour and a half on a Thursday morning, was marked by Gowan’s discontent with Arizona’s marijuana monopoly and Mendez’s concerns regarding social equity issues within the cannabis industry.

Hemp regulation is taking center stage at the Arizona State Capitol this year, with discussions revolving around Senate Bill 1186 (SB1186) – a comprehensive piece of legislation aimed at overseeing the production, processing, and sale of industrial hemp and hemp-derived products in the state. SB1186 brings significant changes by defining key terms, establishing THC concentration limits, and harmonizing state law with federal regulations. The bill introduces a licensing system for various roles in the hemp industry, along with stringent rules for labeling and selling hemp products to ensure they’re not accessible to children and are only sold to adults aged 21 and above. Manufacturers are required to furnish a certificate of analysis for their products, verifying testing for contaminants and potency. Additionally, SB1186 sets up an industrial hemp advisory council and provides an affirmative defense for certain marijuana-related charges for compliant licensees. It also lays down provisions for inspection and regulation of hemp production and products, including corrective measures for non-compliance. This comprehensive approach underscores Arizona’s commitment to fostering a regulated and responsible hemp industry while safeguarding consumer interests and public health.

Senate Natural Resources, Energy and Water-02-01-2024 9:00am Vote Count 5-2
Chairman: Sine Kerr – R – LD13 (vote👍)
Vice-Chairman: Thomas “T.J.” Shope – R – LD16 (vote 👍)
Frank Carroll- R -LD28 (vote👍)
Brian Fernandez- D-LD23 (vote👎)
David Gowan-R- LD 30 (vote👍)
Juan Mendez-D- LD 8 (vote👍)
Priya Sundareshan- D- LD18 (vote👎)

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