Go Higher with Digital Awesome’s Subscription-Based Custom Dispensary App Solution

Go Higher with Digital Awesome’s Subscription-Based Custom Dispensary App Solution

Palmdale, California, 27 December 2022 — Stay ahead of the curve with your very own dispensary mobile app.

Digital Awesome, a high-end mobile application development firm based in Palmdale, California offers a distinct subscription-based app solution for cannabis businesses.

Designed to boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty, the custom app aims to indulge customers with smooth and rewarding mobile shopping experiences. While providing operators with a powerful sales and marketing tool to help them stay on top of their game.

The cannabis industry is accelerating at a breakneck pace. And with such trajectory, comes fierce competition. Everyone has a brick-and-mortar, and everyone has an online store, but a mobile shopping app? Not a lot. Now, that’s an area of opportunity if you’re looking to scale and contribute to the growth of the retail market as a whole.” Mark Nelson, CEO of Digital Awesome shares.  “Let’s face it, everyone shops mobile these days —  it’s about time that every cannabis business gets right into everyone’s pocket.” He adds.

With the guidance of the cannabis business community, Digital Awesome was able to perfect an app product with over 15 high-value features. It addresses every dispensary paint point and is being offered to dispensaries and retailers at a unique and reasonable price point.

Digital Awesome Custom Dispensary App Features:

Unlike white-label dispensary apps, Digital Awesome offers real integrations on top of customized user interfaces and m-commerce experiences.
They seamlessly integrate with leading cannabis e-commerce, rewards and POS providers such as FlowStack, I Heart Jane, Olla, Blaze, SpringBig, Dutchie, POSaBIT and Meadow. Real integration provides dispensaries with maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency especially if they’re already signed up with an existing service provider.
The concept is simple. Digital Awesome takes your existing e-commerce ecosystem, stacks them up with more engaging features, and packages it in one handy tool. And if you’re a brick-and-mortar looking to go online for the first time, Digital Awesome can help you go mobile without the hassle.
Brands can enjoy the following app features:
A high-converting mobile store
Fully-branded mobile app design
Flexible promotion tools – direct notifications, in-app badges, custom promotion bars and bundle deals.
Intelligent upsells, downsell and cross-sells to increase order totals upon checkout
Smart recommendations based on customer likes, dislikes and purchasing history
Analytics and tracking to inform future marketing decisions
Engaging custom achievements
Integrated rewards and achievements system
Referral & incentive tools
Website content & blog integration
Live in-app chat
Real-time feedback loop
Custom filters for quick sells
Automated and manual push notifications
Plus: free portal platform, unlimited app updates, app store & legal compliance management, and client support from experienced developers.
Traditionally, developing an app with such features can cost any business a minimum of $100,000, excluding maintenance costs. Opting for Digital Awesome’s cannabis app solution cuts total investment by up to 80% with its unique pricing. Early adopters can sign-up for a low one-time development and enjoy manageable monthly subscription payments moving forward.
Be a dispensary mobile app owner today & start skyrocketing your dispensary sales. Inquire for pricing by calling 661 265 5836 or schedule a free demo. Visit https://www.awesomecannabisapps.com or www.digitalawesomeapps.com/cannabis for more details.

Digital Awesome is a high-end mobile application company based in Palmdale, California. With offices in California and Washington, the agency is powered by an agile team of global talents. Services include full-cycle product development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, IoT app development and cannabis app development. Clients include Cinder, Mucker CapitalGucci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of Washington, Boise State University, Tony Robbins and more. For more information, visit www.digitalawesomeapps.com.

Mark Nelson
President, Digital Awesome

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