Delta 8 Oils Brings Superior Relief to AZ Medical Marijuana Users Without the Supply Concerns Facing Producers and Dispensaries

PHOENIX, February 2021: With over 100 Arizona dispensaries already licensed and selling recreational marijuana weeks earlier than anticipated, the focus of the cannabis industry in the Grand Canyon State has turned to deal with the expected shortages due to unprecedented recreational demand. But one processor remains committed to medical cannabis patients and unlike some other Arizona producers, they and their dispensary partners are not worried about supply issues.

Delta 8 Oils is a family-run processor based in Camp Verde, AZ. They are currently producing multiple vaporizers and tinctures in varying ratios of THC and CBD featuring the increasingly popular delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC is nearly identical to the more common delta-9 THC, the THC in marijuana that gives it its psychoactive properties. But that tiny molecular difference allows Delta 8 Oils to provide a full-spectrum cannabis experience without the disruptive head-high. Users describe it as more of a body high. Delta 8 Oils calls it: Peace of Body. Presence of Mind.

“Cannabis treatments can be life-changing for people who would otherwise suffer or turn to addictive opioids and side-effect laden drugs,” said Danny Slosburg, founder of Delta 8 Oils. “We want to make sure patients can find relief without fear of their dispensaries running out.”

Danny Slosburg, founder of Delta 8 Oils

Delta-8 THC has been growing in popularity in recent years in part due to what early research indicates might be superior medical benefits compared to CBD and traditional marijuana therapies.

Relief of chemo side effects (some lab studies even showed an actual reduction of cancer cells)

Improving clarity, which is especially beneficial for use with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients

Easing physical discomfort without the psychoactive effects prevalent in marijuana

Lessening the effects of seizures

“Delta-8 can deliver the experience that CBD and marijuana only dream of,” added Slosburg.

Danny Slosburg, founder of Delta 8 Oils

Delta 8 Oils is uniquely positioned to meet Arizona’s unprecedented demand. Unlike marijuana extractors of delta-8 THC, several of whom have discontinued production to focus on traditional delta-9 THC products, Delta 8 Oils produces its products from 99.99% pure CBD isolate through an all-natural, patent-pending process. Their CBD is produced from premium American-grown hemp that is hand-selected from trusted growers. Not only are they able to meet any demand for consumer products, but they can also supply bulk oils to other Arizona producers struggling to find THC for their cannabis products.

“We have exactly the right products, in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time,” said Slosburg. “We just want to help people.”

Danny Slosburg, founder of Delta 8 Oils



About Delta 8 Oils: We are a multi-generation family business dedicated to educating society about the delta-8 cannabinoid and the health benefits associated with its uses by creating and distributing the purest, highest quality, all-natural products. Our passion is to further the understanding and exploration of unknown cannabinoids, as we continue to seek more healthful and beneficial attributes to share with the world, ultimately decreasing the consumption of opioids and other addictive and inorganic treatments.

Note: The FDA has not approved delta-8 THC for the treatment of any disease or condition. We at Delta 8 Oils do not make any claim that our products treat or cure any disease or condition. We cannot diagnose conditions, provide second opinions, or make specific treatment recommendations. We’re here to provide access to the available research regarding delta-8 THC and allow people to draw their own conclusions based on research and personal experience.

For local retail contacts, Delta 8 Oils are currently available at these Arizona dispensaries

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