Coronavirus Will Not Slow Down Legalization in Arizona

MJBIZ Daily reports: Coronavirus outbreak could delay marijuana legalization along the East Coast

Coronavirus already has caused a number of state legislatures to temporarily shut down, including ones on the East Coast that were weighing recreational marijuana legalization measures.

Additionally, several cannabis ballot initiatives across the country, including a recreational initiative in Ohio, could suffer, especially if a prolonged disruption of daily lives prevents petition drives from collecting enough signatures ahead of official deadlines.

Coronavirus Will Not Slow Down Legalization in Arizona

Arizona: Smart and Safe Arizona reportedly has collected enough signatures to place a recreational marijuana initiative on the November ballot, but those signatures must be verified by the state. The initiative would reserve most recreational licenses for existing MMJ operators but also provide 26 social equity licenses.

This means the Smart & Safe Initiative has collected enough signatures to get on the ballot and they just need to verify the signatures, which is exciting news for AZ.

Industry Insiders tells us,

” It is because of the good planning of Strategies 360 and Petition Partners, the two firms that are in charge of collecting the signatures, that are necessary to get the initiative on the ballot, did so in an expedited manner prior to the outbreak of this corona issue. Because of this, all is left is a small administrative step of the verification by the secretary of state. This means that Arizonans will with 100% certainty as long as there is an election in November, will be able to vote on legalization. Great news for Arizona”

‘Citizen initiatives’ which require signatures, in other states, may be a challenge to get them under the current health conditions which are fears of contaminations from Coronavirus (COVID-19). Which could put them 2-3 months behind the 8ball but not in Arizona. Fortune favors those who plan well.

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