Carmen Toma Exits Hippie Chicks With a Desire to Found 100% Female-Owned Cannabis Company

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., (May 2, 2023) – Carmen Toma, the popular face of Hippie Chicks, has
successfully exited the Arizona cannabis edibles company that she helped to co-found more
than six years ago.

According to Toma, she is excited to bring about a new era in the emerging industry and is
making plans to develop a new, 100 percent female-owned company.

Toma is the company’s former marketing and sales director and is credited with the successful
launch and establishment of the esteemed infused chocolate and tinctures brand that is now
available in more than 40 dispensaries across the state.
Toma, a familiar face in the Arizona market, was instrumental in opening those dispensary
accounts and developing new, innovative products and flavor profiles for the company. Under
her leadership, Hippie Chicks entered the highly competitive, regulated cannabis industry after
initially gaining market share and building brand awareness as a CBD-infused-only offering.

“The road to success is never easy but we accomplished our goals and it was time to move on,”
she said. “I was always shy about telling my story, but after this journey, I have learned so much
and I absolutely have something to say.”

A native of Texas, Toma attended NMSU in Las Cruces. She is exploring opportunities in
Arizona and New Mexico. She is also currently in talks to sign on with a local entity that is
expanding its brand-building services.

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