CANNAPAGES Coupons Landing in Grocery Stores

CANNAPAGES Coupons Landing in Grocery Stores

 UPDATED Feb 2nd, 2021:  

It’s getting easier to find cannabis coupons, even recreational! CANNAPAGES is taking a major step forward as Arizona begins rec sales, by forging a new partnership with Albertsons to carry their bi-monthly directory and coupon digest. Already one of the state’s only dedicated cannabis magazines–with more publications printed and distributed than any other–it is the latest move to reach tens of thousands of potential new dispensary customers and broaden the community.

The CANNAPAGES team has always balanced recreational and medical strategies, making it easy to differentiate between listing types (rec, medical, or both) and deals in any reader’s neighborhood. Although recreational sales may have a different feel with far less medicinal emphasis, CANNAPAGES still holds industry members to a high standard of advertising and even product quality.

The first standalone CANNAPAGES magazine hit Denver newsstands in 2014 with the advent of recreational cannabis dispensaries, and the medical-only Phoenix/Tucson edition landed in 2018. However, the company founded its roots here long ago in one of the first local industry publications, Green Leaf of Arizona. Readers may also remember their iconic leaf-book logo from early conventions in Phoenix

Among the first companies to offer a platform for cannabis deals over a decade ago, the publication now prints over 10 million coupons every issue, a sorely-needed service during this pandemic. And they have no intention of quitting anytime soon, even as many competing publications have all but stopped printing due to Covid.    

   “Arizona’s vote to legalize was not only historic,” said CEO Nathan Johnson, “If it is as well-regulated and represented as we hope, the whole state will flourish. And we’re excited to be part of it.”

CEO Nathan Johnson of CannaPages

You can now find their coupon book at your closest Albertsons, or over hundreds of other locations throughout the state (not to mention online).

Beginning with their upcoming March-April edition, CANNAPAGES will also be available in every Safeway across the valley (45+)

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