Breathtaking Purple Glow Came from Copperstate Farms!

A photo of a purple sky — shared by Navajo County, Arizona, on its Facebook page — is fueling discussion about light pollution and the state’s medical marijuana laws, and sparking memories of the 1960s drug culture. (Photo by Cara Smith via Navajo County)

Maybe this means Good things Coming!

SNOWFLAKE, AZ — A few nights ago in Snowflake, Arizona, the nighttime sky turned such a vivid shade of violet that it looked like part of the set for a Prince “Purple Rain” video — or, more appropriately given its source, Jimi Hendrix’s 1960s drug anthem “Purple Haze.”

Navajo County officials had to debunk some theories purported on a Facebook post, including one person’s theory that the purple hue was the result of a rare violet southwestern aurora borealis, magnified by atmospheric pressure, cold weather and smoke from the Australia wildflowers.

That wasn’t it at all.

The ultraviolet lights used by Copperstate Farms at its medical marijuana growing farm were reflected from the snow clouds, Navajo County officials wrote, setting the record straight about the photo Snowflake resident Cara Smith took Friday.

Copperstate Farms is the grower for Sol Flower AZ, Arizona’s newest dispensary. They are also the manufacturers for Good Things Coming edible line and brought Moxie’s 710 Concentrate line to Arizona.. You can visit more information about Copperstate at

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