AZ’s Hottest Cannabis Destination


In the middle of the bustling city streets of PHX’s concrete jungle, tucked securely behind a serene church, there lies a stoner “sesh spot.” A place where  bamboo grows from  fake green grass and the iconic 70’s retro drop bubble swing chairs sway. If you’re lucky enough to find the magic portal you’ll be transported into another world, or life, DOMM Life that is.

DOMM started as a Delivery Of Medical Marijuana service, and they are still one of the valley’s busiest medical marijuana delivery services. But since  opening, DOMM has grown to provide SO much more than just deliveries, by being one of the AZ cannabis community’s most popular event venues. DOMM’s calendar is chock full of events of all kinds from stand-up comedy night to private events and parties –like the Purple Roast and Cannafriends

But, there is more going on at DOMM than just that. It’s also home to the CBD Emporium that sells CBD vapes, edibles and lotions. If you need a snack or quick meal, DOMM Life’s got you covered with CBD smoothies, snacks, sandwiches,  tea and fresh brew from Donal w the “Coughee Company.”

And, as if that’s not enough, DOMM also has a full hair and nail salon. DOMM’s stylist, Olga Ochoa has had her beauty license since high school. Yes, that’s right Olga took advantage of the vocational training in high school.

Since then, Olga hasn’t been a stranger to the cannabis community. Ochoa’s worked as a budtender at SWC, Level Up and The Mint, yet hair is her passion. She has a warm, bubbly, welcoming yet laid back demeanor. Olga’s diligence, with an overall eye to detail, makes her talented at her craft. Go in for a full-service dye and cut and you might leave with a new best friend.

The ladies of nails at DOMM are all skilled with their focus being perfection. Have some dank flower you want to show off? Put it on your nails!!! Is possible!!! They can also take any color and make it matte (not shiny).

Who is the visionary behind this multi-talented storefront? It’s retired stock broker, Todd Romboli! Some would say he is a renaissance man of sorts and others would say he is a free spirit. It takes both those things to make DOMM Life possible.

What else makes all of DOMM possible is the amazing staff Todd has hand-picked. It’s not just about the amazing ladies in the salon. It’s the entire dedicated crew that makes you feel at home. The backbone/spine of daily life at DOMM are Tangie, Angie, Jared, and Dillon. All of whom play an important role behind the scenes at DOMM.

Even the mascot, Jared’s dog Mr. Biggs, is a little support companion that is always happy to greet people with his tiny tail wagging!

There are too many hidden treasures around DOMM, from people to services, to catalog in one article. You should go check out an event if you’re a medical cannabis card holder. If not it’s OK! The services at DOMM are open to the public.

Allison Stein is staff writer for Arizona Cannabis News



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