DOMM Life Roasts Mr Purple


There’s a reason The Hemp Wellness Market (aka DOMM Life) has become PHX’s go-to destination for the cannabis crowd. Well, three. One—they’re fun. Two, you know there’s weed.

And three, most days that’s where you can find Mr. Purple, one of Arizona’s more celebrated cannabis characters.

Over the past three years, everyone’s favorite lavender-tinged Phoenician has been a constant figure at cannabis community events, flying his colors … er, color. The veteran, who most resembles a full-grown Keebler elf in 420 regalia or a totally Zonka-ed Willy Wonka, has gone deep into his purpleness, not merely dyeing his ponytail and braided beard purple, but dressing head to toe in purple in public at all times, using a wide array of purple paraphernalia, and, of course, driving a pimped -out custom purple-mobile.


Claiming his official “name” is “420 a2zpurple,” and changing his drivers’ license and medical card to actually read “pUrple pUrple,” Mr. Purple has become more than a familiar face in the crowd. His Instagram account A2ZPurple is a steady stream of purple-themed canna-art or comic short videos and has almost 4000 followers.

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This month, Todd Romboli, the owner of DOMM Life converted one of their weekly Wednesday comedy nights into a roast of the esteemed purply one and the crowds came out in droves.

Wearing most of the shades of purple imaginable, many purple-lovers actually dyed for the occasion.

ACM was there, of course along with our partners, MITA-AZ and AZ-NORML..

Though, Purple’s birthday is in May, that date, May 22, was not a technically a birthday party for Mr. Purple, but it was the bday of everyone’s favorite MITA bouncer, Scott Novy, who used the opportunity to party.

Outside the canna-band DudeBabe had the place rocking. Vendors circled the DOMM patio, serving purple and CBD treats, dab bars misted the area and joints got passed around the entire patio.

Inside the salon and spa were in full swing boutique, the juice bar and CBD dispensary were all open, as the crowd swelled to well over 100.

After weeks of planning event organizer Stephen Vega, of D’TreatzAZ, fell ill that day and spent the evening in the hospital. Luckily, Vega’s assistant, Beth Hicks was on hand that night to man the gate and organize the massive swag bag raffle.

Romboli, primped in his own personal purpliest, officiated the official roast portion of the evening.



Besides the would-be comic community members who took a crack at frying Purple, regulars from the PHX standup scene (like Dana Whissen, Mike Faraskovich, Trevor Skies and Matt Blair) dropped by to do honor to his royal purpleness. Nothing made him hot under the collar, however. “When you’re fireproof, you’re purple,” he laughed.


The party lasted long after the last one-liner was zinged. Though the purple-one is known to reply only in clipped cryptic comic quips, we tried to get a few straight answers out of him.

ACM: Are you a cannabis enthusiast?

Purple: I do live a 420 lifestyle. No opiates required, so that’s a good thing right there.

ACM: When did you first run into purple?

Purple: You’ll have to define “run into.” Are you talking about a violent thing, an exercise thing? What universe are we visiting?


ACM: Was it a violent thing, was it an exercise thing or was it serendipitous?

Purple: It was the lack in opiates that led me to purple.

ACM: When you did run into purple at last, did you think, ‘man, that brown weed I have been smoking was just crap!’?

Purple: [Laughs and totally non-answers] It’s good to keep two strains on hand at any time, that way you can use it for whatever you want to use it for.

ACM: What is your favorite strain of marijuana?

Purple: There’s no one answer to that question because there are too many strains I have yet to try. But I won’t use indicas in the daytime. That sends you to lala-land.

ACM: Of the purple marijuana products that you have consumed, what is your favorite?

Purple: Black Mamba is just really, really, REALLY good strain. It’s got some GDP (Grand Daddy Purple) in it and whenever you get two indicas together it sativas my mind. Always look for the purple light.

ACM: Are you familiar with the poem, “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple”? If you become an old woman, will you wear purple?

Purple: My grandmother wore purple.

ACM: It was said tonight that you are a veteran. Thank you for your service. What were you in and when?

Purple: “What” was the Navy. “When” was a long time ago. 1978.

ACM: Are there things in your life that aren’t purple?

Purple: Females. Females aren’t purple. Always.

ACM: Yes. There does seem to be a LOT of females in your life. How do you attribute your mojo?

Purple: I’m purple.


There you have it. Everything you probably never wondered about, about the man, the legend, Mr P. But if you have your own questions, you can probably find Sir Purps at most any canna-event folks are wishing they were going to, or in your own Instagram feed. But the best place to look is DOMM Life. Just look for the smoke. Where there’s smoke, there’s Purple, and he’s fire.

(This article contains the word “purple” or some variation exactly 50 times.)

–ACM Staff

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