AZDHS Releases Initial Draft Rules for Social Equity Marijuana Licenses

What: Late Thursday, the Arizona Department of Health Services released some its
initial thoughts on the rules for social equity marijuana licenses. The Department is
also soliciting the public’s input into what these rules should be. Individuals have
until May 16 to offer their suggestions via a survey:

Interview Source:

Demitri Downing, executive director of MITA, Arizona’s
marijuana trade association is available to provide insight into the importance of
this development in the social equity license process and the extensive resources
MITA has created for social equity applicants.
“This is the final round of licenses in Arizona for decades,” said Downing. “If you
want to be involved in the Arizona cannabis industry this is going to be your
last opportunity for a long time.”

According to Downing, the value of these social licenses will be in the many millions
of dollars, so the interest in securing one is extremely high. Since recreational sales
in Arizona began in January, sales have been strong. MJBizDaily projects that the
state’s recreational market could be worth $350-400 million in its first year and
$700-760 million by 2024.

Free Public Resources: On Thursday, May 13 from 3-5 p.m. MITA will hold a two-
hour online webinar dedicated to social equity featuring a panel of four top cannabis
lawyers and a presentation by Dr. Will Humble, the former Director of Public Health

Interested individuals can also access MITA’s comprehensive 16-session course on
the Arizona cannabis industry to help prepare their application. The program is
Beginning in mid-May MITA will offer a Social Equity Deep Dive program featuring
hour-long sessions with the top cannabis industry professionals guiding prospective

applicants on the most important business aspects to know when preparing their
social equity application.

To schedule an interview with Downing please feel free to reach out to him directly
at or 520.909.4334
You can also reach me at or 602.859.0190

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