AZ Supreme Court Will Rule On Prop 207 By Friday 5 PM

BREAKING: Challenge to Prop 207 Appealed to Arizona Supreme Court

Arizonans for Health and Public Safety (AZHPS) announced Tuesday that they are appealing their legal challenge to the “Smart & Safe Arizona” initiative’s 100-word statement to the Arizona Supreme Court.

“We are appealing this decision because we continue to believe that the 100-word statement fails to accomplish its purpose as required by Arizona law,” said AZHPS Chairwoman Lisa James. “The summary fails to disclose key provisions, including that it would redefine marijuana in Arizona law, cap the excise tax at 16%, and alter the burden of proof for marijuana DUI. Further, it misleads voters on limits to marijuana cultivation and incorrectly states that it “protects” employer rights when it in fact decreases them.”

“The decision by the court provides ample basis for our appeal,” John Shadegg, lead counsel for the plaintiffs stated Tuesday. “Arizona law makes it clear that if the summary is ambiguous and susceptible to more than one interpretation, it is invalid, and the measure may not appear on the ballot. For that reason, we are appealing the decision to the Arizona Supreme Court.”

“This isn’t just a straightforward legalization of marijuana for recreational use. This initiative is 17-pages of sweeping new laws,” says James. “Voters have a right to know.”

The deadline for Arizona general election ballots to be printed is August 21. A decision is expected before then.

The AZ Supreme Court will rule on Prop 207 by Friday 5 pm and Arizonians will know whether they have the ability to vote on adult-use legalization this November once and for all


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