Award-Winning Chill Pill™ Brand Named Four out of Five Top Selling Cannabis Capsules in Arizona by Headset

Chill Pill™ capsules dominate the Grand Canyon State’s cannabis capsule marketplace, according to the industry’s top data firm. 

PAYSON, Ariz., (October 31, 2023) –  Life is Chill™, an Arizona-based cannabis brand and creator of Chill Pill™, today announces that Headset, the industry’s top data firm, has named Chill Pill™ products as four out of five top-selling cannabis capsules in Arizona. The recently released data shows that, in the Arizona cannabis marketplace, Chill Pill™ is the top brand for cannabis capsule consumers. 

According to Headset data, the top-selling cannabis capsules in Arizona include: 

  • Chill Pill Night Caps – Indica Capsule 10-Pack (100mg)
  • Anytime Caps – Hybrid Capsule 10-Pack (100mg)
  • Day Caps – Sativa Capsule 20-Pack (100mg)
  • Day Caps – Sativa Capsule 10-Pack (100mg)

Available in various strengths and strains, with effects ranging from highly responsive to highly relaxed, Chill Pill soft gels offer consumers better options to control onset timing, intensity and duration of desired effects. In addition, Chill Pill THC soft gels provide precise dosing, measured twice, once before encapsulation and once after the soft gel is created, resulting in higher quality more consistent products.

“As interest in cannabis capsules continues to grow, Chill Pill will remain Arizona’s top brand because of our accurate dosing, convenience, consistency, and predictable therapeutic effects,” said Francis Baczek, VP of Business Development at Ally Biotech and Life is Chill. “We are grateful to be part of the expanding Arizona marketplace and have plans to continue to expand our brand and offerings.”

The cannabis capsule marketplace is experiencing exponential growth and accounts for 10 percent of all cannabis product sales in Arizona, according to Headset. 

Chill Pill capsules are available in dozens of dispensaries across Arizona. For more information on Life is Chill, visit 

About Life is Chill
Life is Chill™ is the creator of the Arizona-based Chill Pill™ soft-gel brand, an expansive line of easy-to-swallow THC soft gels for the cannabis industry. Formulated using hemp seed oil, Chill Pills are easy to absorb and metabolize and come in various strengths and strains, with effects ranging from highly responsive to highly relaxed. Chill Pill is owned and operated by Ally Biotech, a company committed to harnessing the power of science to create innovative THC products, such as their patented Lipofusion® technology. For more information on the company and product line, visit

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