Arizona’s Local Recycling Company for Dispensary Containers

Arizona’s Local Recycling Company for Dispensary Containers

Resinate Recycling Announces Major Expansion of Recycling Partnership Program 

Phoenix, Arizona – Resinate Recycling is excited to announce the expansion of The Slingshot Program to begin recycling glass packaging in addition to the program’s existing repertoire of recycling capabilities. The official launch date for this expansion is February 1st, 2023. 

Resinate Recycling understands that the community has long-awaited options for recycling glass cannabis packaging, especially since other recycling programs in Arizona cannot recycle these items. The Slingshot Program’s partners, participants, and the community will be energized and grateful to keep this material out of landfills and ecosystems, and instead keep it in the local economy. 

This expansion applies immediately to all of the program’s partnered recycling locations which are listed and mapped at 

Until now, people had no place to recycle small glass containers which constitute up to 40% of packaging in many Arizona dispensaries. The number one question we and our partners here about  The Slingshot Program is whether we recycle glass. We can finally say we have a solution.

-Garret Schwartz, Co-founder & CEO 

Resinate LLC is a local, family-owned company founded in Phoenix in 2018 by two Arizona-born entrepreneurs who saw an increasing need to innovate for better systems to recycle and manufacture using recycled materials. The Slingshot Program, branded December 2022, is Resinate’s recycling and rewards partnership program, which partners with local businesses to offer innovative and automated solutions and incentive systems for people to recycle various types of consumer packaging. Resinate has recycled over 7 tons of packaging, including marijuana and pharmaceutical packaging, which cannot be recycled with traditional systems. In 2022, the Slingshot Program grew from 7 partnered locations to 34, and Resinate plans to continue expanding access and participation to recycling in 2023 within Arizona and beyond. 

Please use the contact information above for any inquiries. 

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