Arizona Adult-Use Dispensary Sales Can Start as Early as January 20th, 2021

Beginning on January 19th the clock starts ticking till March 9th, 2021 in Arizona for adult-use cannabis sales as the Department of Health Services (AZDHS) will accept early applications for marijuana licenses. You must be a licensed dispensary to sell marijuana to those 21 and older. They can start as soon as the state turns and burns the applications. 

In theory, Arizona Cannabis News knows the reality of this. The reality is; with AZDHS having to handle COVID and complicated transitions, we aren’t holding our breath. But, it is possible and perhaps even likely, that we could see adult-use sales in February at our local dispensaries. 

April 5th, 2021 is the latest start date for dispensaries to legally sell adult-use marijuana

January 19th, 2021 would be the earliest date a dispensary license can apply and become accepted for adult use sales. Once a dispensary gets accepted they can start selling cannabis to adults 21+. 

There are two qualifications that an applicant must meet. One or the other must be met;

  1. A Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary that is registered and in good standing with the Department. Good standing means that the Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary is not the subject of a pending Notice of Intent to Revoke issued by the Department.
  2. An entity seeking to operate a marijuana establishment in a county with fewer than two registered Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

There are links to the required forms on AZDHS site:

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