Announcement from the Arizona Dept of Agriculture

AZ Dept of Agriculture plans to accelerate industrial hemp program in response to US Farm Bill

Editorial Staff

Announcement from the Arizona Dept of Agriculture at 2:52pm on Dec 20, 2018:

“Now that President Trump has signed the 2018 Farm Bill and provisions to remove industrial hemp from the Schedule I narcotics list, and other provisions included to facilitate the commercialization of industrial hemp were included, we will be adjusting our program rules accordingly. This should make the licensing and compliance process easier and allow for the interstate movement of industrial hemp. Even with the signing of the Farm Bill, it will still require a licensing program be established before planting can begin. Growers will still need to wait for the Department to establish administrative rules and an application process. However, emergency provisions have been proposed to move the effective date of the Industrial Hemp Bill to May 31, 2019 (Senate Bill 1003 can be viewed and followed @ ). The Department and the Committee will be working to ensure that we are prepared for the new date if SB1003 passes in the Legislature.”

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