A Cannabis Lounge Thrives

With medical marijuana on the cusp of legalization on a national scale, it is the entrepreneurs that push the legal boundaries and provide creative solutions for patients that ultimately help establish a community and culture that is much needed for an industry that can be shrouded by negative stigmas.

In 2010, Arizona became the 14th state to legalize medicinal cannabis for adults over 21 under Proposition 205: the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). Arizona is one of the 30 states to have some form of medical marijuana law in place. The AMMA is regularly used as an example for other states as an effective way to regulate a legal cannabis industry.

Having strong leadership is pivotal in moments like these, where we are treading the “gray area” around what can and can’t be done in the industry. One entity that has proven to be a positive force on the patients’ side, is DOMM Life. What began as coffeeshops in Amsterdam – which provided a place to take care of people’s medicinal or recreational needs decades ago – has evolved into the hottest new business model in the American cannabis industry. Patient clubs, social clubs, and lounges are evolving legislatively around the world. In Spain, cannabis clubs exist by the hundreds, and laws have been evolving rapidly here in the states of California, Colorado, Nevada etc.

Although Arizona’s medical marijuana laws can be restrictive, DOMM Life is a perfect example of Arizona’s industry-breakers paving a path for the community to follow. Even with strict guidelines, DOMM Life provides a patient-friendly spa, boutique and lounge for members to gather, like minded businesses to meet, and share information on what is happening in the cannabis industry here in AZ. This type of social setting has created an ecosystem of patients, as well as a bridge for non-patients to be introduced to alternative methods of healing, while enjoying the other services the lounge has to offer. By focusing on consumer needs and incorporating medical cannabis as a feature of a healthy lifestyle, the image that is portrayed starts shifting public perspective around medical cannabis. We urge you to check out DOMM Life and support other local businesses and entrepreneurs who are willing to go just far enough – while still abiding by the law – to break barriers in the cannabis industry and provide an invaluable service to the people of Arizona.

To learn more about DommLife visit online at https://domm.life/

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