22Red Brings Live, Ice Water Hash Infused Pre-Rolls to Arizona

22Red, the lifestyle brand with cannabis on the menu founded by System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian is proud to announce that they are launching new, live ice water hash infused pre-rolls and pre-roll packs in Arizona. 

The brand has effectively climbed the Everest of cannabis to bring fans this truly platinum-level smoking experience. To create this terpene-heavy, cannabinoid-rich, all natural solventless hash, 22Red flash freezes their freshly harvested flower before giving it an ice water bath that allows for the cannabis trichomes to detach and be handfiltered. Although time consuming and labor intensive, the end result is a supercharged pre-roll that is the final word in flower. According to founder Shavo Odadjian, “Solventless extraction is an excellent way to create a concentrate, because it’s clean, only using water and ice. We could have done a lot of things with this category, other brands use distillate or BHO to create their concentrates which may have residual solvents, but our method guarantees that you’re getting the best parts of the strain.” 

Available in 1G pre-rolls and .5G pre-roll packs of five, the first four strains to enjoy this meticulous treatment includes: 

Blueberry Shortcake (Hybrid) –  Savor 22Red’s Blueberry Shortcake – a berrylicious blend of Blueberry, Cherry Pie & Sour Grape strains. Juicy purple flavors, sweet aroma, and ooey-gooey relaxation await!

ZK (Zkittlez Kush) (Indica Hybrid) – Treat yourself to 22Red’s ZK – a fruit bowl of fun! Its bright candy flavors blend sweet, berry, tropical citrus with earthy undertones. Uplifting and euphoric, this strain is known to spark creativity without provoking anxiety, making it perfect for chilling or hanging socially!

BCC x Jealousy (Hybrid) – A cross you will want to experience as it combines the Indica-heavy, calm yet giggly sensations of BCC with the mentally perky attributes of Jealousy. A beautiful combo with a complex palate of herbal, earthy, and spicy notes checks off all the right boxes. 

Hippie Crasher (Indica Hybrid) – Feel your bliss and engage your zen. 22Red’s Hippie Crasher is on a direct collision course with the oneness of the universe. A single draw of this sweet, earthy, Indica-hybrid has been known to launch moods to new heights while transporting the body to a peaceful realm where all is as it should be. 

Each pre-roll has a suggested retail price of $22, while the pre-roll packs retail for $50. 

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