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Questionable Cannabis Talk Network Has Some Calling Scam

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The much talked about Cannabis Talk Network brought its traveling roadshow to the valley this past week. The event, held at various hotels across the county, purported to be the key to how a person could get in on the cannabis gold rush or “green rush.” 

The infomercial type seminar ran about 90 mins. long. Somehow neither strategy nor marketing was not the actual topic of the meeting. What was the topic? As best as one could figure it had to be the millions, billions and trillions of dollars cannabis are going to make everyone! Yachts, champagne, the whole nine yards. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”-level riches, but, instead of Robin Leach, the host was Greg Nagy. Nagy is a self-proclaimed millionaire with a “used-car-salesman-air” to him. 

Nagy spoke fast, like an auctioneer running out of time, pushing questions off until the end. Yet, spoke nothing but half-truths, rambling on about opportunities that do not have any legal standing in the Arizona cannabis market.

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Besides the chewing up seminar time bragging on the subject of money and cars, Nagy shared he also taught a motivational high school level course in economics and touched on basic consumer trends such as Supply and demand (there is a demand for cannabis), Needs and Wants of Consumers (consumers want and need cannabis); and Branding (yes, it’s important.)

With vital information like this, you too can enter this booming industry at the ground floor and Cannabis Talk Network can help … for a price. The cost? Only about 900 dollars to take advantage of this booming industry. What does the steep price of getting you? A three-day seminar!

During which you could learn essential things to do to break into the cannabis industry that you supposedly could not possibly learn anywhere else. At the end of the 3 days, you will receive a certificate. That, plus a good business plan and Cannabis Talk Network is all you need to make millions in the cannabis industry. That’s a pretty big promise for a company no one in Arizona has heard of. 

What is Cannabis Talk Network and where do they come from?

Gary Nagy of the Cannabis Talk Network boasts about author Christopher Wright is the genius behind the company. But what did Mr. Wright write? Wright co-authored a book entitled Grow and Grow Rich, with Cannabis, which is about how to stake your claim to luxury through the cannabis green rush.

After looking for the book on Amazon, we found the product description which reads:

“There is a new movement sweeping the nation: The Green Rush. As marijuana, either medical or recreational becomes legal in states around the U.S. now is the time to get in on the ground floor of a burgeoning new industry that will rival the Gold Rush.

Christopher Wright and Scott Bell, authors of Grow and Grow Rich ®, have personally witnessed the profound effects of medicinal marijuana. Once you experience its curative properties, whether for yourself or a loved one, you’re profoundly changed—no matter on which side of the marijuana fence you stand.

Grow and Grow Rich ® offers insight and wisdom cultivated from years of working with the cannabis plant for “cannapreneurs” (entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry) to start their own business. Everything you need to know, from ideation to building an indoor or outdoor grow, cultivation, to how to pay it forward, is covered inside Grow and Grow Rich ®.

Gleaned from the highly popular and widespread seminar series, Grow and Grow Rich ® with Cannabis, each section of the book describes an the angle of the cannabis industry and offers what you need to know to create your own marijuana business. The Grow and Grow Rich ® team has hundreds of combined years of experience in growing, cultivating, extracting, marketing, and selling marijuana and its ancillary products and services. But it’s not just about growing; dozens of other business startup ideas are covered inside.

Get ready to claim your stake in the Green Rush with the Grow and Grow Rich ® team and this powerful book.” 

Even though their book is reviewed on Amazon, actual copies of the actual paper book are unfortunately unavailable on Amazon. Or maybe, fortunately, since the reviews are posted here, and the reviews call it a scam. 

As one review writes of Wright’s work, 

“Buyer Beware – Grow and Grow Rich (Christopher Wright and Scott Bell) have no Integrity!

I heard about Grow and Grow Rich Academy advertised on a local radio station. I attended the free seminar and was excited about joining a growing Cannabis industry. I purchased the 3-day seminar and the student protégé program. Grow and Grow Rich (Christopher Wright and Scott Bell) introduced the services which were supposed to guide you every step of the way in the industry. After my money was received, no services were delivered as stated in the contract ie: Coaching, training videos, real estate websites to identify green zones, setting up business entities, a monthly conference calls with Christopher Wright. I have requested a refund and have gotten the continuous run-around. This is a scam, buyer- beware, do not trust Grow and Grow Rich (Christopher Wright and Scott Bell), do not put more money in their pockets. While there are reputable Cannabis resources offered with good business practices and integrity, Grow and Grow Rich (Christopher Wright and Scott Bell) are not one of them.”

And that’s not the only source calling Cannabis Talk Network bogus. News reports across the nation, from California to Massachusetts, are all calling it a scam. Boston local news station, WCVB called the company out in 2018, about a year ago, as seen here.

The name of the company in their news story might be slightly different, but the scheme is the same. Both the reviews and the news reports sound strangely familiar and not too far off from what Arizona Cannabis News experience at the PHX Cannabis Talk Network presentation.

If something sounds too good to be true… it is, and this ruse was no different.

There are opportunities available in Arizona, but it’s going to take more than a three-day class and 900 dollars. 

The tried and true paths to success last because they work. Inspired “cannapreneurs” should become more involved in their local cannabis community, it’s that simple. Just here in the valley, we have a circuit of educational meetings and networking events that happen each month. NORML, Women Grow, MITA, HITA, Cannafriends and other gatherings that host public discussions are an important dynamic to the cannabis community here. 

Another key factor not mentioned by Nagy and Cannabis Talk Network is the never-ending and hard work that comes in this industry. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. A person can’t pay $900 and expect to have a yacht in a year without what it takes to make it in this industry. Of course, you don’t need a “free” seminar to learn that.

Allison Stein writes for AZ Cannabis News


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