Psst, It’s Puff, Puff Paint


Puff, brushstroke, cough, a happy little cloud. Bob Ross was never like this.

From the event planners that brought the cannabis community, Baked & Escape, Island Blaze, and Tokes Y Tacos, Saturday, Sept 14th, you are invited to come, bring out your inner Picasso at Cannatainment’s Puff Puff Paint.

Cannatainment is a Phoenix-based company that strives towards normalizing and celebrating the cannabis lifestyle by accommodating patients with a place to socialize and safely medicate. Cannatainment does this by hosting exclusive, patient events.

Their “signature” cannabis-geared Puff Puff Paint series teams up with SWC Dispensaries to host a Sip ‘N Paint styled event, but instead of the event being wine and painting, this one revolves around consuming cannabis and painting.

The pop-up painting class will include all of the supplies painters need to create a masterpiece.  Talented local artists will guide patients through two hours of creativity, music, and lots of laughter.

Tickets vary in pricing:

  • $30 for 1 art station including a 16×20″ canvas, paintbrushes, paint, food, and beverages all night

  • $50 you can bring a date.

  • Just want to chill, smoke and enjoy the event? it’s only $15 to paint and partake all night.

No need to drive off to Nevada and “Storming Area 51,” instead, Cannatainment plans on smoking out “Area 420.” Well, not really, just in theme anyway. You’re sure to have a time out of this world, at this extraterrestrial segment of Puff Puff Paint.


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Reserve your spot now!

All classes are private events. Attendees must register and be placed on a list prior to event’s start time.


Time: 6:00PM-9:00PM

Where: Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(A 9,000 sq.ft location has been rented out.  This location is considered a private address and will be given only to patients once they have verified their AZ MMJ Card)

–Allison Stein is a staff writer at Arizona Cannabis News

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