Product Review Yo Dabba Dabba Dab Tools and Waffles n Syrup by Timeless Refinery

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Repost from Feb. 2019


This round, the ACN staff got to review not one, but two types of products: both super-fine wax AND the tools to dab it with. THX to Yo Dabba Dabba and Waffles n Syrup concentrates.

As you know many 21st century cannabis users prefer the instant action and increased effectiveness of concentrated cannabis extracts, often known as distillate, “wax” or crumble.  The “Waffles n Syrup” we enjoyed were labeled “Golden Lemon Crumble w SFVOG distillate” and had a wonderful citrusy flavor to live up to their name. Developed by Cory Boettcher and marketed under the Timeless Refinery brand, Waffles n Syrup takes the idea of wax to a whole new level. They start with a small cube of crumble and then drizzle cannabis distillate on top of that. Combined, the two indeed do look quite a bit like a doll house-sized plate of waffles covered with syrup

Timeless Refinery

 As good as that wax looked and tasted, we couldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much without the proper tools. That’s where Yo Dabba Dabba came in. Founded in Tempe in 2012 and available in smokeshops around the state, Yo Dabba Dabba sells a wide variety of glassware and equipment including dab rigs and associated parts, nectar collectors, as well as assorted dab tools, sold both individually and in kits. We got to try out not only their green glass “Lil’ Chugger” travel rig, complete w an opaque bottom flat top banger, but also super cool accessories like “terp pearls” and their quartz “Cyclone Carb Cap.” Yo Dabba Dabba even provided a pair of spatula-style dab tools. The sure-grip handles and drop-forged design made for a tool that users can depend on for years to come.

Yo Dabba Dabba Opaque Quartz Nail

The “terp pearls” and cyclone carb cap got the most attention. Beads of glass that sit in the bottom of the banger, terp pearls are designed to keep the wax from scorching and sticking to the banger, burning their flavors away. The specially designed cyclone card cap has strategically drilled holes in it that create a vortex that causes the pearls to spin rapidly, circling the bottom of the banger, constantly stirring the wax as it vaporizes. If you take a hard enough hit the pearls race around so fast, they even levitate. When it comes to clean up, the terp pearls definitely do their job. Just a few swabs with a Q-tip and the banger was clean as a whistle, ready for the next round.

Reviewer Patient 1: (Yo Dabba Dabba) I was skeptical of the terp pearls and cyclone cap at first, but after a couple uses, I’m quite impressed! It’s almost as if they train you how to take massive dabs. The banger retained heat spectacularly while the swirling vortex of pearls provided a flavorful experience at practically any temperature. Despite appearances the cap managed to supply a generous amount of airflow as well. All in all, this is a set up I would recommend for anyone new or experienced wanting to get the most out of their dabbing experience.

(Waffles n Syrup) The Waffles ‘n’ Syrup from The Waffles Co. was just as enjoyable as your favorite breakfast pastry. Sticky, sweet and potent. The Golden Lemon crossed with SFV OG made for a tasty experience as Limonene and earthy sweet tones brought upon a tranquil social buzz. The product also had a very terpy flavor, which is kind of unusual for crumbles. I think the distillate ties the whole flavor together. Pain and anxiety were quickly abolished as the effects started in my head and cascaded down through my body. Great quality product that is as effective as it is unique.”

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