Product Review: Select Elite Vape Cartridges


There’s reason the vaping public selected Select as one of the biggest brands in America: they’re good. The company’s won multiple awards, including Dope Industry Awards’ Best Concentrate Company, according to Leafly. Though Select’s wide variety of CBD products are available nationwide, here in Arizona, thx to their connection to the gargantuan Harvest dispensary chain, Arizonans can also enjoy their assortment of THC vape cartridges featuring some of our favorite strain profiles.

So, we did.

The Select Elite line of premium 500mg vape cartridges deliver about 125 three second hits with a whopping 92-94% THC, or about 3.68mg in each pull. AND, those are dependable test results certified by C4 Labs. The formulation preserves the original strain’s broad-spectrum cannabinoid profile. The oil’s THC effect is phenomenal and many of the flavors are old school true cannabis concentrate flavors, with none of the over-terpenated floral overtones you find in some vape brands.

The Select Elite Flavors cartridges on the other hand, go the other direction and push the terps to the max, adding all sorts of terpenes to pure flower distillate to create unique designer flavor profiles like Dragonfruit, Chocolate Raspberry or Peppermint. Emblazoned with a great big S for Select, the cartridges come with a tapered clear plastic mouthpiece that is easy on the mouth and draws well.

Gelato #33 The most solid of the traditional cannabis oil flavors, this cartridge brings the old-school experience of heavy hitting cannabinoids and pure BHO flavor. Boasting 92% THC, this one will ring your ears from the inside out. Exhales smoothly, without the annoying cough present in so many companies’ cartridges. It may have taken 33 tries to formulate this flavor, but this Gelato is the cream of the crop.

GG #4 This interpretation of the notorious super-sticky icky’s industrial, diesel-y tasting strain also comes off as a solid, but gentle, cannabis flavor in Select’s rendering. A buzz for the nose and a rush to the head, the formulation lets you plume a massive cloud just like a dragon, but it won’t leave your brain burned.

Pineapple Express Pineapple Express was a huge fav of the old-school flavor crowd and the favorite of the Select Elite line among our testing team. There’s just a little hint of sweetness to remind you of the original strain, but the centerpiece of the flavor is the cannabinoid rush. As one reviewer noted, “It’s a clean tasting product with pleasant medication effects. While I generally personally like a little stronger terpene profile, this one has a subtle hint of flavor goodness that grows on you, hit after hit.”

Unicorn Piss One of Select’s Elite “Flavors” line, this cartridges favor changed the whole direction of the product review. The website says the flavors are created by adding fruit flavors and terpenes to distillate. While none on the ACM staff have ever been familiar enough with any winged equestrians to gauge the accuracy of this flavor profile to the original, we can assure this is a sweet treat is a winner that reminded some of us of a Necco Wafer candy flavor. Each hit leaves you wondering which one, though at 93.49% THC, the longer you research, the less you’ll actually care. However, it’s made this flavor is enough to make me wanna try their whole line of “Flavors” cartridges.

-ACM Staff


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