Product Review: Baked Bros Syrup and Gummies


Baked Bros’ line of syrups and gummies is one of the best-known edible brands in AZ. Since moving to AZ in 2016, the brand has taken just about every edibles award they’ve shot for including 2018 Edible List – Best Arizona Edible Brand, Best Glycerin Edible and Best Pourable THC Syrup; AZ Marijuana Best Edible in both 2016 and 2017; and 2016 Best of Phoenix Best Edible.

Their THC syrups combine the fast action of a sublingual with the longer absorption rate of a standard edible. Their gummies come in several THC strengths and shapes. The packaging is immaculate and informative. The company does veterans’ outreach and runs an educational series. It doesn’t take long to see why this product line is a consistent competitor for top honors in AZ cannabis.


Baked Bros syrups come in three sizes and seven flavors. We tried the 300mg bottles of “Unflavored” and “Pineapple flavored.” First things first: “unflavored” still has a flavor, a distinct, powerful one in fact. It’s actually the base-flavor for all the fruit-flavored Baked Bros syrups like mango or cherry, but “unflavored” holds up on its own as a distinct taste.

It reminds me old-school “unflavored” cough syrup—powerfully sweet, undeniably medicinal. In the middle of all that taste, the syrup itself is so thick and gooey it coats everything it touches. Even more interestingly, the syrup also has an amazing quick-rushing sensation of every receptor in your mouth getting instantly bathed in THC goodness. The instant action is unique among edibles and the mouth high tingly sensation lingers well into the phase when the cerebral effects kick in.

Even though the website says don’t expect to feel the full effect for 45 minutes, you will feel the first impact in your mouth in less than a minute. That’s using it straight out of the bottle. The pineapple does a wonderful job of capturing an intense pineapple flavor combined with the base syrup taste to create its own unique pineapple-reminiscent taste, even when diluted w bottle or sparkling water.

Baked Bros’ pineapple syrup has a strong enough and enjoyable enough flavor to rival most fruit sodas. You can still feel the fast-acting THC buzz beginning with each sip. It’s also worth knowing that despite the incredibly sweet rush of flavor, these syrups are actually diabetic-friendly with only 2g of brown rice syrup as a sweetener.

Be prepared, however. Though the bottle says it contains 30 doses and has 1g measurements on the side, it is so difficult to eyeball an exact small dose the company recommends using a syringe. Trying to guesstimate by just taking a swig is liable to deliver as much as 100mgs+. Ya know how they say some people’s 100mg dose seems stronger than others. This is that stronger stuff, lol. Happy sailing.

Meanwhile, the Sour Kush Kids …

Tasted great and were more thrilling.  Baked Bros offers a full line of gummy products including “Sour Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Sour Bears, Watermelon Rings, Peach Rings, and Watermelon Slices.” We went with the Sour Kush Kids. This is an intriguing product for a gummy when it comes to dosing. The elongated gummies come 20mg a piece and chew more like a gum drop than a gummy. They have the strong underlying cannabis flavor of a candy that wants to preserve the old-school cannabis flavor as opposed to the “flavorless” THC isolates so commonly used these days. The gummies themselves are infused in the candy itself instead of sprayed on.

The bags provide solid protective child-safe packaging that must be cut open and then resealed with an internal Ziplock-style strip. In addition to the design, the package also has very thorough descriptive labeling which would be invaluable for first-time edibles users.

The label comes with basic directions, in addition to a list of ingredients and DHS advisories. At 20mg apiece the 200gm package has 10. They can be easily cut in half for more modest dosing or comfortably gobbled up by the fistful for the gonzo among us.

Among Things Our Reviewers Said

Reviewer 1: “Their syrup is the bomb. Taste excellent, effects are good. This is a great option for someone who wants to put their medication and some form of liquid form at or even smoothies.”

Reviewer 2: “I like to just pour a swallow and swish it around. The taste and tingly effect is so intense it’s like it’s alive. My gums just love it. It’s tickly.”

Reviewer 1: “I also tried their gummies. Product is good and the packaging is excellent. They have a good dose, good feel for the sativa effects. So, I would say beside that cannabis taste, their gummies have a basic flavor profile like orange, lime, or lemon. The Sour Kush Kids also have that distinct cannabis taste that many edibles have that I think are going to distinguish edibles moving forward.”

Reviewer 2: “My wife is cutting her gummies in half. I’m doubling them up and snarfing them down. Do that a couple times, you’ll know it.”

–ACM Staff. To have your cannabis products reviewed by the patients on the ACM staff, contact



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