MCSO arrests 14 in undercover marijuana delivery sting in Phoenix area

Make sure you’re careful and remember you cannot accept money or cash in exchange for cannabis or extracts unless you are a licensed Arizona dispensary. Unless you want to risk going to jail. This just dropped this week.
“The AMMA does not authorize anyone but a licensed nonprofit dispensary to sell or deliver marijuana or narcotic cannabis for sale to patients in the State of Arizona. The Weedmaps page also indicates that the deal will be a “donation” instead of a sale, which MCSO says is another attempt to mask its illegal operation behind the AMMA.” Read the article we curated from News Staff

”PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) — The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) busted  a black-market marijuana delivery service in the Phoenix area. Sheriff’s officials say 14 people were arrested in the sting.

MCSO detectives set up an undercover residence to use during the investigation, a home near 75th Street and Palm Lane in Scottsdale.

They then contacted multiple marijuana delivery services and posed as “customers.” 

In each case, detectives called the listed phone numbers and “placed orders” for marijuana and cannabis.

When suspects arrived at the home to deliver the goods to the undercover agents (who would pay cash,) detectives would then track them until they could be taken into custody.

The 10-hour sting occurred Thursday, Sept. 5.

MCSO says that since its inception in 2010, the black-market medical marijuana business has grown rapidly.

The purpose of this recent operation was to address the growing problem of the illegal sale and delivery of marijuana and narcotic cannabis products that are not protected under the AMMA (Arizona Medical Marijuana Act) in the medical marijuana community.

MCSO says illegal delivery services attempt to mask their activities under the AMMA.

Most of the illegal delivery services targeted in this operation were contacted through an online site, advertising through Weedmaps.”


Curated by Arizona Cannabis News. Original Source, MCSO arrests 14 in undercover marijuana delivery sting in Phoenix area

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