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Uncle Herbs

MITA NEWSLETTER Prepared by: Proven Media 10/8/18   After Five Years in the High Country, Uncle Herb’s Remains Untamed This month, one of the first

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Emerald University

Prepared by: Proven Media 09/19/18 Emerald University’s Innovative Cannabis Education Program is a Win-Win for Patients and Staff at Emerald Dispensary  Arizona’s Emerald Dispensary has

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Cannabis Jewelry

Genifer Murray is one of the leading figures in the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry, and she is co-founder of a cannabis inspired jewelry company

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Cannakula Yoga

Jennifer Miles 290 East Roosevelt Street #516 Phoenix, AZ 85004 jennifer@cannakula.com (602) 334-019  MITA NEWSLETTER ARTICLE: Like a Phoenix Rising, A New Marijuana Mindfulness Movement

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