Cannabis and Intimacy


Is it true that cannabis has the potential to enhance intimacy and a deeper connection between partners?  

Cannabis expert and emergency room physician, Dr Jordan Tishler crushes the myths that men and women with intimacy issues should resort to prescription drugs. He also states, that poor sexual performance can often lead to depression, anxiety, mood instability, and most importantly, strife between caring partners. Tishler says, “Cannabis as an aphrodisiac, promoting desire, arousal and most importantly orgasms!”

Scientists report, females experienced arousal, libido, and even orgasms while using cannabis. While the studies regarding males are in mixed review, many noticed an improvement and heightening of sexual response while medicating. Although the results are in small scale, cannabis appears to be beneficial for both parties.

On the Science Side

Oxytocin, a hormone regulated by our Endocannabinoid System is sometimes referred to as the “bonding hormone.” Studies show that Oxytocin plays an important role in childbirth, breastfeeding and orgasms. Research linking cannabis consumption and oxytocin production, has yet to surface, though the results so far have been positive.

Tishler shares results from a variety of studies on how cannabis can sufficiently increase sexual attraction between both partners. He concludes, however that men can only tolerate a lower amount of cannabis than women. A specific study he reviewed, tested women’s physical reaction to erotica and then shown CNN. The female subjects were given cannabis to enhance their sexual response and compare any differences that might occur from both types of videos. The women were recorded as having a decreased sexual appetite towards a CNN news segment. Furthermore, when shown erotica, there was a significant increase in sexual appetite, prior to consuming a small amount of cannabis.

Several strains, specifically those toward the indica side of the spectrum—provide a relaxing, full-body high that is said to heighten the pleasures of touch.

High THC indica-dominant strains appear more likely to produce a body high, beneficial to intimacy and sexual connectivity. Consumers smoking High THC sativa-dominant strains are prone to experience self-analysis and introversion or reflective mindset.

Most importantly, considering terpenes, budtenders recommend strains with lavender or earthy tones, compared to “skunky” sleep-inducing terpenes or more energizing citrus aromas. Several experts recommend small doses of cannabis edibles, even with regulated doses, cannabis consumption takes time to process in the body, delaying possibilities of adventurous sex or intimacy. There are many holistic remedies for those experiencing erectile dysfunction and other intimacy issues. Those interested in experimenting with cannabis in the bedroom, should first do their own research as each of us can react differently.

A former figure competitor and personal trainer, Danielle Sedgwick is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in nutrition and functional diagnostics. Sedgwick currently serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Marijuana Industry Trade Association of Arizona and is the co-founder of nonprofit Leaf for Life, which helps veteran families dealing with PTSD and mental health.

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Tiffany Shepard is a Creative Writing Graduate from Mesa Community College and an intern for MITA AZ, as well as an advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

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