AZ’s Cannabis Bar Holds Public Seminar


How many lawyers does it take to change a state’s cannabis laws?

Wednesday the 26th hosted an all-day Arizona Cannabis Bar Association cannabis law seminar at Sheraton Grand at the Wildhorse Pass Casino in Chandler.

The Arizona Cannabis Bar Association (ACBA) is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer attorneys who work to advance the “ethical practice of cannabis-related law, through education and networking.” ACBA’s stated goal to “weave” cannabis into every facet of law, whether it be family law, transactional work, insurance law, employment and so much more. With this seminar open to the open and serving as a CLE for members of the AZ Bar Association, this conference should go a long way to achieving that goal.

The seminar will feature sessions on both cannabis business and cannabis criminal law, with a wide array of law topics for the attendees, including industry trends and strategies for gaining control of medical marijuana licenses in the morning business section.

The afternoon session will focus on criminal justice issues, such as patient rights in family and dependency court, and as well as other similar issues in criminal and civil court, including discussions on the Jones Case. In the afternoon session expect to hear from AZ’s top “rock star” criminal defense cannabis lawyers.

Robert Mandel, now famous for his work on Jones Case to the Supreme Court, will be on hand. Along with ACBA vice president and cannabis domestic law specialist, Sonia Martinez, who will touch base on parental rights and DCS (Arizona Department of Child Safety), plus family court, and handling matters such as divorce and child custody.

The event is being conducted by founder and president of the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association, Gary Michael Smith. If you’re afraid you might get lost in all the legalese, have faith, it’s not all suits. Mikel Weisser, the state director for AZ-NORML, and who is also working on the 2020 Smarter and Safer Legalization Campaign will be on hand to explain some of the legislative efforts this year to address the Jones Case and introduce the basics of the upcoming 2020 legalization.

Speaking of NORML, Tom Dean, national recognized cannabis criminal defense attorney and AZ-NORML legal counsel in addition to serving as ACBA vice president, will be there also. While some people may not consider a day with a room full of suits exciting, fact-filled day with some of the best-known attorneys in the cannabis community, should prove to be resourceful. If justice or cannabis is your thing, this is the place to spend your Wednesday.

The seminar was held in Sheraton Grand’s Kave 3 Room. The business law section started at 9am, the criminal justice section started at 2pm.

–Scottsdale native, Allison Stein writes for Arizona Cannabis Monthly.


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